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Table Mountain trail running

Table Mountain trail running

Trail running on Table Mountain

Who ever dreamed of trail running on Table Mountain, famous around the world for its extraordinarily rich, diverse unique flora and singular land formation.The area forms part of the Cape Floristic region and support a high diversity of flora. Our trail run is mostly along well-trodden hiking trails. It is not overly technically difficult but keep something in the tank for running on top of Table Mountain especialy if you decide to go down Platteklip gorge..

Getting Geared

Sturdy trail running shoes and breathable socks, natural fibres such as mohair or wool. For the legs a lightweight and quick drying tights or shorts. For the upper body inner layer, lightweight, quick-drying, breathable long or short sleeved. Second layer with thermal long-sleeved base layer for cold or wet conditions. Outer layer, lightweight, windproof, water resistant breathable, insulated jacket. For headwear, quick drying peak caps or buff. For eyewear, quality polarised lenses, which can ajust as light conditions change. Hydration pack with a stable body fit and ventilated back as well as a wrist computer or gps.

Yoga and Trail Running

Yoga and running lie on opposite ends of the exercise spectrum but they actually combine strength and flexibility.

Strength and flexibility

If your body is off-balance it can often lead to repetitive strain injuries. Tight muscles tend to get tighter and compensating weak muscles weaker. Yoga can work specifically at balancing strength in the muscles that support and stabilise the skeleton system.


Yogas's more internal focus will teach you to harness the breath, co-ordinating breath with movement which brings awareness of ineffective breathing patterns. The relaxation that yoga offers encourages the body to burn energy at a more effecient rate which can benefit your running.

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