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Kasteels Poort hike, this route is by far the most popular on Table Mountain.
Amazing view of Lion's Head early morning on the way to Kasteels Poort, this hike takes a long diagonal across the mountain to finish on top near the reservoirs.
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Rising up 669 meters. Lion's Head has a spectacular 360 panoramic views. From the summit you can cast your eyes over the city of Cape Town, Table Mountain, the beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton. It is a Cape Town tradition to hike to the summit to toast the...
There is no doubt that Cape Town is kept alive by the magic of Table Mountain and trail running a form of meditation an escape from reality. There's no better feeling than running along the Contour path of Table Mountain early morning watching the sunrise...
Running the contour pass trail on Table Mountain, Nicola on the edge..as always!
Table Mountain was formed under the sea about 600million years ago and shaped by the breaking up of the continents, the moving of the glaciers formed the flat table top before the mountain was thrust upwards by tectonic forces. It has been weathered by wind...


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